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our merino

Since KPC’s launch in 2014 our yarns have become known for the exceptional quality and extensive colour range. The smooth finish and soft handle of KPC Yarns is achieved through careful selection of fibres from trusted sheep, cotton and cashmere farms; farms that give priority to the well being of their herds and crops. The rich colours of KPC Yarns are achieved by using dyes that avoid harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the environment.




kpc yarn: where they come from...

KPC Merino comes from a farm called Gostwyck Merino, located in New England Tablelands in NSW, Australia.

Gostwyck Farm has been breeding sheep for wool for over 150 years, and is renowned not just for the quality of the fibre its sheep produce, but also for its exemplary animal welfare record and sustainable farming practices. As a fully certified organic farm, no harmful chemicals are used either on the land or on the sheep.

Mulesing is not used as a method to control potentially fatal parasites on the sheep as it causes great pain and distress for the sheep.

A long term breeding programme at Gostwyck has helped to reduce the genetic traits that make the sheep susceptible to flystrike, and daily checks, particularly during high risk periods, ensure the wellbeing of the flock.

The merino sheep at Gostwyk have also been bred to produce incredibly long, fine fleece. Their merino fibres are only 16.5 micron (human hair is between 60 and 90 micron) and very smooth. It is so smooth that Gostwyck merino has been declared the most comfortable ‘next-to-the-skin’ fibre by the Australian Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).






… and how they are produced.

Once the fibres for KPC Yarn have been thoroughly washed, they are combed and sorted by length and thickness. Fibres are then spun into yarn, and these yarns are then dyed.

KPC has been Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified and is able to guarantee that all dyes used for the yarns are metal free and skin friendly. The test is applied to every substance used in the dying process, and monitors each stage to ensure that no hazardous chemicals with allergic potential are present.

The extremely high quality of the fibres used to make KPC Yarn mean that the end yarn is wonderfully smooth to work with and to wear. So smooth that KPC’s unique ribbon packaging is designed to be re-tied between projects to stop the yarn ball from slipping apart. The KPC ribbon is colour coded to denote each yarn quality, and can also cut and sewn in as a label, with space to write a name or message for the lucky recipient. A card on the ribbon has all the information relating to the yarn, and also has space for a message or name.

If you decide not to re-use the ribbon or the labels, these can be returned to KPC’s recycling station at our studio in Lai Chi Kok.



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